Stove Repair Toronto

Rangers repair: Ovens and Stoves Repair Toronto - Fix It AppliancesThe kitchen is the heart of the house and the stove is the kitchen’s own pulsing heart. It’s where the aroma of freshly baked muffins or pastries originates. It produces all the wonderful smells of hot stew or freshly baked pie that your kids love to come from school to.

When the stove breaks down, the house is not the same, and all those cold cuts and raw salads for dinner will get pretty frustrating very, very soon. You can do without many home appliances (like the blender or the toaster) but the stove is an appliance repair that you really want to attend to soon. The urgency of it is increased further by the fact that in the case of a gas leak, the stove can become a potential danger to your family.

Our mobile repair workshops are stocked with a wide array of tools and spare parts for most appliances repair needs that may be encountered. Our specialists are company trained and certified professionals that have top skills in repairing all known stove brands and models. We are fully certified to do any electrical repairs and understand the full importance of taking all necessary precautions when fixing electrical devices.

To ensure a same day, single-visit repair service, we will need you to provide us with the make and model of your stove when you call us. It will also help if you can describe the malfunction, so we can prepare any extra parts that may be required.

By the way, you don’t need to wait till your stove breaks down before calling us. We can perform a regular maintenance and checkup of your stove (and other appliances). Doing this will prevent the necessity of having to deal with sudden breakdowns and conduct rushed, urgent repairs. An annual check-up will allow a professional to spot and prevent potential problems in advance, before they get a chance to actually happen and upset your lifestyle.

We can unclog gas-outlet holes before they get totally blocked, notice wear on cables, buttons and electronic parts, replace broken flints before you are stuck with using matches, and more. All those things can be replaced before they become an emergency or even worse – a hazard.

Fix iT Appliances is a versatile mobile service that performs stove repair and other appliances all over Toronto and the GTA, including Mississauga, Scarborough and even Barrie.

Call us now to have your appliances checked, diagnosed and repaired in no time and for a surprisingly accommodating and modest price, too!

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